Cold Water / Eamon McGrath split

by Revolution Winter

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B. Mason Judy
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B. Mason Judy The Cold Water tracks on this split are fantastic. Ambling Americana at its best. Favorite track: Blue Furnace Flame.
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released May 10, 2014



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Track Name: Cold Water - Kevin Wrestles the Angel
Kevin Wrestles the Angel

It was a given the road would be flooded out
how the drive past the chimneys
that spill out cigarette smoke like clouds

Drop me at the Greyhound to keep my thumb tied up tight
If you drive me to Sylvan
I'll pick up fireworks for Canada Day night

We can pull the trees if you fell 'em like this
Day says: toughen up or lighten up
or the wolves will eat you quick, lickety split

If you sing with your breathern
we will not count candles
we will not cast shadows
if given the choice of doubt

Mock at the thunder
hang on for dear life
and give no surrender
I would die with the season.
If you sit Shiva with me,
fire pot-shots from windows
with our Dad's .22's

The wind will tell you how the glacier howls and moves
catch you standing in Sunday clothes,
the piles of slash mean nothing to me

In want of a hollow tune,
the bark of the wild ones say for me:
I am strong; I am tougher than this

The way I saw it in the sorry of natural light
underneath me, I don't know which shadow is mine

I need more than my apron will hold
put a rooster on my gravestone,
I was born to set gasoline on

Mock at the thunder
hang on for dear life
and give no surrender
I would die with the season
but I don't walk the line
where I'm still the same

I will not let you go
until you bless me