Sounds That Look Like Us

by Shahman

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Lee Neutron
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Lee Neutron Equal parts shoegaze/noise rock/post-hardcore/sludge/grunge/doom....a beautiful mess! Favorite track: Spectator of Your Presence.
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Florian Blew me away in a cold, good music lacking night. Favorite track: We are Far More Than One Consistent Body.
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released May 8, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Public Strain
Public strain

Distortion lives in this frayed and sudden silence entrails of a lost dynamic causing soul to rumble thunder of the inner eye move me not by noise but the volume of your soul
Track Name: Why Have I Set Out to Demean These Things, These So Called 'Simple' Pleasures
Why have I set out to demean these things, these so called ‘simple’ pleasures?

Raw face expanding light into this the thing that we create mellow heat seeps out of nothing multiple single view blessed few this chance to feel somewhere to moan escape to our flesh
Track Name: Spectator of Your Presence
Spectator of your presence

Coughing up soul howling to the gods speaks their tongue a second language never understood your place is there among the noise to float to use up all the air
Track Name: We are Far More Than One Consistent Body
We are far more than one consistent body

I am but countless shapes infinite lives perspective painted by this light from this soil that strikes me from every way independent from nothing how do I appear to you beyond those eyes above this mess of space underneath the vastness we strangely see as one
Track Name: Like an Old Friend
Like an old friend, another life.

Everything I am pardoned by this stalemate a million questions this dimension of nothing induced by possibility this body skewed by the necessity to replenish even the new becomes old out of focus and distant
Track Name: Gateway

Crooked tongue figure of my youth shallow breathing hick knee deep in shadow quiet in your pride I belong to this solemn imperfection continuous bond
Track Name: Fur
Your skin is your fur

I am aware as you stretch and fold that I am here a witness to myself eye of whatever never less or more in striking your skin I will bruise captive to your essence tender for my presence
Track Name: The Ego, Dissolving into Night
The ego, dissolving into night
This dead flesh is a garden bed of fresh perspective truth blooms as I blend further into nothingness what are you but a piece of me together I am matter background white noise fodder for your dreams